Our customers share that employing Sitearound can significantly improve collaborations among stakeholders, enhance submission management, reduce project delays, and reduce costs from 10-20%. Our customers include:

Project Owner






Sitearound serves as a number 1 construction platform in several aspects and works for all project sizes. It is a very user-friendly platform and can runs on all devices. In addition, you can integrate Sitearound with many other solutions especially IoT and AI solutions that you may be interested.

No. 1

Function and tools for project management


User satisfaction


Reduce cost more than 10%

Sitearound possesses all the tools that are important for management of your construction projects. The platform is very easy to use and implement.

Flexible WorkFlow

Unlimited and flexible workflow


AI Integration

Plug-in to integrate with AI solutions


Enhanced document control and management for the whole project

Dashboard & Report

A variety of reports and dashboards for everyone

RFI (Request for Information)

RFI with your own customized workflow


The most completed submittal workflow


Storage of site photos for your progress references


Best scheduling tool for your time management


Embedded inspection tool with a variety of form templates that you can generate by yourself


Defect management feature to improve quality of your project

Daily Logs

Keep track of your daily works and reports


Most effective permission management with unlimited roles

Sitearound makes things easier when it comes to integration with IoT wireless sensors. We have several types of wireless sensors which are useful for management of your project for example real-time monitoring of the energy consumption of your site, crane safety, water level of water tank, etc. The main benefits of this integration include:

  • Automatically record the data from wireless sensors and able to alert when the thresholds are met
  • Measure more than 200 parameters to help you ensure that things are under control
  • Real-time track of your data and able to export this for further analysis and decision making
  • Reduce worker manhour
  • Reduce human error