Sitearound is the only place where you can find the indoor tracking technology embedded within the construction management platform. We make it easy to apply in order to maximize the benefits of the indoor tracking system. The system consists of Bluetooth nodes and location tags. Nodes are devices placed in the building or site, while a tag is carried by the person or object whose location is of interest.

Applicable to All Kinds of Projects

Smart Wearables allow not only location tracking but also status of wearer. Importantly, in case of emergency, they can call for help by pressing the emergency button.

Waterproof cards help share location of wearer. This also comes with the push-button applied when emergencies happen.

Equipment tags are useful track location of indoor assets or equipment. Specially, it has an accelerator inside so that the tags can provide vibration status of the equipment.

Labor tags are most widely used to track workers and heavy equipment in a construction site. These are suitable to use in harsh environment, wet, hot, with broadcasting range up to 70m.

Coin tags are a low-energy tag. This is suitable to track asset or equipment in a warehouse or room.

Most Powerful Indoor Tracking Dashboard

Sitearound provides the most powerful indoor tracking dashboard to allow you to manage your labor productivity real-time.