Indoor tracking solutions in construction management

Construction site activities involve various participants including owners, contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, vendors, and many more. Depending on the size of a project, some large construction projects deal with a large volume of materials and a high number of personnel. Getting to know the location of workers, equipment/asset, and materials would create great value for various construction activities. This especially includes safety management, asset management, human management, payroll management, etc.

Recently, an increasing number of innovative information techniques and tools have been applied to develop indoor tracking tool for better construction management. These tools are essential when it comes to complex construction assignments, for instance, super tall buildings or large infrastructure projects that have many inner spaces with relative smaller areas of construction sites. This leads to great difficulty in construction and therefore requires more accurate positioning of information to receive data in real-time.

Sitearound can be integrated with Sentenance’s indoor tracking solutions using BLE 5.0 Beacon technology with an indoor tracking accuracy within 30cm. Sentenance indoor tracking solution consists of Beacon tags and nodes.

You can simply install Sentenance indoor tracking nodes every 30 meters to detect the Sentenance tags. Sentenance’s available applications includes labour check-in/check-out, zone management, people counting, and tagging a location in a construction site. The integration between Sitearound and Sentenance’s indoor tracking solution will help deliver more insightful information in construction management, and boost efficiency and decision-making.

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