Top 5 Reasons for Delays in Construction Projects

Most construction projects are one-offs and rarely alike. Each project poses different risks and challenges. One of these is project delay. In construction, delay refers to extra time required or incurred either beyond the stipulated finish date or the date that the project stakeholders had agreed upon for the completion of a project. Below are five main reasons for delays in construction projects. 

1. Change In Project Scope

Change in project scope occurs for a variety of reasons from poor initial project scope definition, miscalculation of inherent risks and uncertainties, project funding issues, or change in the interest of the client or force majeure, among others. Variation orders usually follow from these issues, which impact project deliverables, budget, or even the people that make up the project team. 

2. Inadequate Planning

The construction process involves professionals from various specialties and workmanship of different degrees. Planners have to make sure every aspect of the project is incorporated into the planning process to obtain optimal results. It’s imperative that the teams responsible for a project develop accurate plans before the execution of operations. This enables a smooth flow to operations and timely completion.  

3. Impropriate Project Schedule

Scheduling requires deep technical knowledge of the sequential order of construction activities and accurate logical relations between the activities and resources required for each activity. Without impropriate project schedules, some of a project’s precious resources are diverted to the activities not critical and critical activities will instead would suffer from inadequacies. 

4. Design Variation

A faulty design means insufficient or inaccurate project deliverables during the execution of the project. This leads to incorrect application of processes for achieving successful results, because the actual execution section of the project unfolds these design errors during later stages, and making corrections will cause time delay and value cost overrun.  

5. Poor Project Management

Project management plays a vital role in project success. Managing project estimation, materials, and equipment well is important. Errors in estimation will cause cost overrun and subsequently will result in delays for the duration of the project while poor management of materials and equipment will also lead to avoidable costs during construction. It also yields a delay in completion of critical works due to the unavailability or materials and equipment during crucial periods. 

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