Sitearound has two levels: Corporate and Project. The Project level allows users access to individual projects while the Corporate level allows leaders to access multiple projects and create new ones as well.


As you enter any project through Sitearound, your project’s data and workflow are neatly organized and summarized. Learn more on how to use the powerful Dashboard and My Pending Items features.


Reports on Sitearound are easily customizable to meet various projects’ needs. Click here to learn how to view and download reports as well as create any number of report templates to match project needs.


All of the documents, sketches, and files are conveniently stored in a single location where they can be marked up on and have comments attached. Sitearound also uniquely allows older documents to be replaced by newer ones to avoid confusion and duplicates.


Determine who receives access to which information through a powerful RFI feature. This allows for easy communication among all project stakeholders.


Submittal ensures documents, sketches, and files travel through an organized process for review. Submittals   can be approved and rejected along the way and the review process easily customizable with multiple     reviewers and hierarchies to ensure efficiency.


Add locations to submittals and other files and features on Sitearound to easily filter and categorize by location.


Every project is different and that includes its data. Easily edit each project’s information at any time to ensure it is well represented.