Easy to Use

Our AI module is easy to use and cover the entire fields that are important for management of your projects especially regarding workplace safety and labor productivity

All Features for Construction AI

Sitearound AI modules cover all necessaries AI features for construction such as face recognition, face detection, people counting, hard hats detection, smoke and fire detection, object detection, etc.


Labour Check In-Out

Replace the punch clock, time cards, and calculator with a modern technology that saves time and cost. Sitearound AI camera allows companies the ability to manage employee check in-out and track manpower in real-time. Sitearound can keep you informed of your workforce management and access to this information through a powerful dashboard.


Headcount plays an important role in project planning, cost management, etc. Knowing a real-time headcount on your project will help decision makers to make more informed decisions and drive the project to the next level of success. Sitearound AI camera will help you count workers real-time in the designated area and provide mode insightful reports for your project.

Hard Hat Detection

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any construction site. To promote safety, wearing a hard hat can help protect workers from falling objects, electrical shock hazards, and unintentional hard hits against fixed objects. Sitearound’s AI camera is able to identify whether workers are wearing hard hats in construction site to establish a more effective mitigation.

Safety Harness Detection

Safety harness is one of the main concerns at the construction site and is the primary safety measure in the construction site. It ensures worker safety and acts as a safeguard for the workers. To avoid incidents occurred by failure to wear safety harness, Sitearound AI camera can identify the utilization of safety harness in the precarious working environment.